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The inside of Greg Oltmanns garage is brimming with nostalgia and ingenuity. For years, Greg has amassed a treasure trove of mismatched tubes, lights and one-of-a-kind concoctions in pursuit of a youthful obsession.

“You can go out and buy these things, but do you want to be like everybody else in the neighborhood? No, you don't wanna do that!”

​ Each year, in the weeks leading up to Halloween, Greg diligently creates his interpretation of the classic 1931 monster film, “Frankenstein.” The movie was a big part of his childhood and he remains captivated by the huge sound stages and real working props that went into the making of the film.

​ “Not only is it classical movie history but it portrays the way that things were back then.”

​ Greg collects a hodgepodge of scraps all year long. His creations are of mix of artistry and engineering... with a good dose of camp. Greg’s ultimate goal is for Halloween to be a night of extreme fun.

​ Come Halloween night, his driveway in filled with droves of trick-or-treaters. Many come back each year to discover something bigger or better than the Halloween before.

​ “It really, it touches you,” he said. “It's like, ‘wow! I must be doing something right,’ you know, otherwise they wouldn't be coming back."

​Check out the Oltmanns’ House of Frankenstein at 590 110th Avenue NW, Coon Rapids.