TH 610 Additional Access

Preliminary Research and Plans

For many years, the City of Coon Rapids has sought to provide additional access to Trunk Highway (TH) 610 near Coon Rapids Boulevard. Currently, only westbound on-ramps and eastbound off-ramps to and from TH 610 exist at both East River Road and Coon Rapids Boulevard. Research has been underway for several years and preliminary plans are being considered. No formal plans have been approved.

Read more about the history and the preliminary plans in this resident letter sent in late March to nearby properties

See the 2019 preliminary design map (PDF)

See the 2011 design plan (PDF) that did not meet the criteria of the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT)/Metropolitan Council Interchange Review Committee

Questions can be directed to Tim Himmer, Public Works Director, at 763-767-6494 or email Tim Himmer.

Update 9-5-19
The Minnesota Department of Transportation has now agreed that certain design standards for the proposed access interchange at East River Road meet the criteria required by the Interchange Review Committee. Read the letter from MNDOT here.  

Update 3-31-20
The City of Coon Rapids and Anoka County has requested $1.5 million in the 2020 legislative session for the preliminary design and environmental documentation of a full access interchange for Trunk Highway (TH) 610 at East River Road. Future next steps will be dependent upon the outcome of the 2020 legislative session.

Update 4-23-20
The Coon Rapids City Council approved an application for a Roadway Expansion Grant through the Metropolitan Council’s 2020 Regional Solicitation program to the Transportation Advisory Board. Future next steps on the (TH) 610 project will be dependent upon if funds are received through the state bonding funding or this regional solicitation program grant. 

If funding for preliminary design and environmental documentation comes through from one of these sources (State Bonding or Regional Solicitation program), then there would be open house events and other opportunities for public input about this project. Construction, if the project were to be approved, would not occur for several years (current estimation to be 2024 or 2025). 

Update 1-5-21
The TH 610 project receives 1.5 million in state bonding funds for preliminary design work. Read more here.