Yard Restoration

When the City of Coon Rapids completes an improvement project in your neighborhood that impacts your lawn, we need your help to ensure your new grass grows healthy and strong.

How will the City reestablish my lawn?

When your yard is disturbed by a City improvement project, the City will use either seed or sod for yard restoration.

1. SEED - The City completes yard restoration using seed after watermain repairs and other improvement projects that may require crews to tear up some grass.
blades of grass
2. SOD - The City completes yard restoration using sod after a street reconstruction project. Disturbed yards will be reestablished by filling low areas with topsoil, and placing sod where required. 

What can I do to help restore my seeded lawn?

The City needs your help to ensure your new grass grows healthy and strong by practicing the following guidelines.

1. WATERING - Thoroughly soak the newly restored area once work is complete. Daily watering is recommended for the first 30 days, subject to weather and local watering restrictions. The area should be moist to a depth of 1⁄2" to 1" but do not let puddles form.

2. WEED CONTROL - Weed seed is not part of the seed mixture, but weeds grow under any condition. If weeds are present, pull weeds out by hand and mow as needed to keep weeds from taking over the new lawn.

3. STABILIZATION - Various erosion control measures keep the restored area moist, hold seed in the soil, and enhance seed germination. If an erosion blanket is needed, it is secured in place with staples. The mesh is a wood fiber that will completely degrade. Prior to mowing the restored area, remove any loose staples that secured the blanket.

4. MOWING - Keep foot traffic to a minimum until the first mowing. Wait at least 14 days or until the new grass is at least 3 inches tall before mowing. Mow as needed to develop a strong root system for the grass and to keep weeds down. Mow during the cool part of the day and do not mow more than one third the height of the grass.

Lawn mower

Where can I learn more?

The Coon Creek Watershed District provides many helpful tips and resources to assist you as you reestablish and maintain your lawn. Read about mowing and watering tips from CCWD here.

We appreciate your cooperation! If you have questions for the City of Coon Rapids regarding yard restoration, please call 763-767-6579.