Solar Energy

What is Solar Energy?

Solar energy harnesses the sun’s energy to generate electricity. It is an abundant and important renewable energy source that can be captured and used in several ways. Installing a solar energy system on your home or business can help to reduce your energy bills and reduce your environmental footprint. The city is ready to help residents and businesses who wish to get started with solar energy.

See our Solar FAQ below to learn more about the options, programs, and companies available. Email the Sustainability Planner to with any additional questions you might have!

Solar FAQ

What renewable energy options are available?
Read more to learn about the variety of options available to consumers.  

Will solar panels work on my property?

How can I find a solar business? 

What city permits will I need to install a solar energy system?

What is a community solar garden and how can I find one?

Where can I learn more about clean energy?Solar Panels on Roof

What financial assistance is available for energy efficiency?