April is Earth Month!

Explore weekly themes and find ways the City of Coon Rapids can help you increase energy efficiency, recycle, and move towards a greener future. See what we are doing to reduce our environmental impact here at the City as well. It's up to everyone to protect and preserve the place we call home, and every little action adds up!

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Week 1: Introducing our Energy Action Plan

This week, the City is launching its new Energy Action Plan. The Energy Action Plan outlines how Coon Rapids will improve energy efficiency and promote renewable energy citywide over the next few years. Residents, businesses and institutions all have a part to play in helping the City reach its goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions 35% by 2030.

You can help by increasing the energy efficiency of your home or building, and by exploring renewable energy options. Efficiency can be as easy as installing LED lightbulbs and turning off your electronics when they’re not in use. And installing solar or subscribing to renewable energy through your electric utility provider can help make sure the electricity you do use is sustainable.

The City is leading the way. Coon Rapids continues to prioritize the efficiency of our own buildings to reduce utility bills and responsibly steward our resources.

Earth Month Action, Week 1:

Learn more about the Energy Action Plan, and what programs and resources are available to you at:

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Week 2: Energy Efficiency

Thinking about your spring cleaning and home projects? Now could be a good time to make some small DIY upgrades to help improve your home’s energy efficiency. 

Start small by installing a smart thermostat and LED lightbulbs. When you’re ready to take a bigger step, the City’s 
Green Homes Program is here to help. The City subsidizes half the cost of a Home Energy Squad visit and offers extra rebates for your efficient furnace, water heater, air conditioner or insulation project.

These upgrades not only save you money in the long run, but they also help make your home more comfortable, and help the City meet its goal of reducing citywide greenhouse gas emissions 35% by 2030.

Earth Month Action, Week 2:

Learn more about the City’s Green Homes program, and sign up for a discounted Home Energy Squad visit at:

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Week 3: Recycling

Recycling is a simple way to make a positive impact on our environment. By properly disposing of recyclable materials such as plastic, paper and metal, we can reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills and conserve valuable resources.

In addition to recycling, reducing waste is also important. Consider purchasing products with minimal packaging, bringing reusable bags and containers when shopping, and composting your food waste. These small actions can significantly reduce the amount of waste produced by our community.

Did you know the Coon Rapids Recycling Center takes many hard-to-recycle items like organic food waste, appliances, books, clothing and electronics? 

Learn more at

Earth Month Action, Week 3:

Visit the Coon Rapids Recycling Center and pick up a free bag of compost made from last year’s organics food waste to get a jump start on your spring gardening. This is available to registered users of our Organics Program. You can register to participate in the Organics Program when you go to pick up a bag of free compost. 

Available while supplies last! Only one bag per household. 

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Week 4: Renewable Energy

The sun is sticking around longer and longer as we get closer to summer. It’s a great time to think about installing solar at your home or business. A solar installation can last for more than 20 years and typically pays for itself within 10 years. More than 80 buildings in Coon Rapids have already installed solar.

If you can’t install solar at your home, consider subscribing to your utility company’s renewable energy program to offset your electricity use with clean power. For a small surcharge on your monthly bill, you can know that your home is using wind or solar power generated off-site.

Using renewable energy can help the City reach its goal of reducing citywide greenhouse gas emissions 35% by 2030.

Earth Month Action, Week 4:

Learn more about installing or subscribing to renewable energy at