City Clerk

The City Clerk's department carries out various statutory duties and City Charter requirements.

Legal Notices

The City Clerk maintains a record of all Council proceedings. The Clerk is also responsible for:

  • Maintaining the City's official records
  • Publishing legal notices and newly adopted ordinances
  • Responding to inquiries regarding the City Code


The Clerk's Department is the official keeper of all City records and processes all code-required licenses for liquor establishments, peddlers, massage, tobacco and more.


The City Clerk administers all federal, state, and local elections for the city. For more information on Elections in the city of Coon Rapids visit our elections page.


The City's official records are executed, filed, and maintained in the City Clerk's department, which includes Council minutes, resolutions and ordinances. Certified copies of minutes, agendas, or resolutions can be obtained by contacting the City Clerk's department.

The City Clerk oversees and administers the records management program and maintains the records retention schedules based on the state GRRS (General Records Retention Schedule).

City Code

The Coon Rapids Code of Ordinances is updated and maintained through the City Clerk's department.

Residential Code Guide

Read about the most common code questions in the condensed Residential Reference Code Guide (PDF) 

Click for a printable booklet of the Residential Reference Code Guide (PDF).