Snow Removal

Program Goals
The goal of our snow removal program is to provide effective snow and ice control on our streets keeping in mind safety, budget, personnel, and environmental concerns. With residents and city employees working together, we can maximize safety and minimize hazards during the snowy winter months.
Snow plow plowing snow

Average City Snow Fall

The city of Coon Rapids receives an average of 54 inches of snow a year. The snow removal crews generally plow an average of 10 times per year. During a snow emergency, the snowplow crews plow over 400 lane miles of streets (over 200 miles of roadways, both directions, equals over 400 lane miles of plowing/driving), including over 340 cul-de-sacs.

Removal Process

An ice control mix is used on steep grades, high volume intersections, and curves when hazardous conditions occur. Ice control treatments are used with consideration to need, effectiveness, cost, and environmental concerns. The ice control mix is a natural cornstarch based material combined with salt. This mix is less corrosive and more environmentally friendly than other commonly used ice control mixes.

Streets Division crews also remove snow from bridges, medians and other confined locations when snow accumulates excessively and is responsible for clearing snow from city sidewalks once all roadways are cleared.