About the Recycling Program

The Recycling Division is actively involved in recycling as mandated by the state’s Select Committee on Recycling and Environment (SCORE). This program is unique in that it is city operated, but funded from a State SCORE grant. Our focus is on residential and small business recycling and our programs are set up to help each with every aspect of recycling and waste reduction.

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What’s New?

Construction has begun! Phase one has begun, which consists of a new building on the back side of the lot. This building will include storage of our bailed material, relocation of the styrofoam program and a garage space/re-use room. We will be open during this phase, and have arranged for a detour of traffic onsite. Those not bringing in large items can park outside the fence and walk in through our center gate. Those with large bulky items can enter the lot through the main gate as you have always done.

Please use caution while at the center. Stop/park only in designated areas and follow all signs. Some items have been relocated on the property, if you need assistance look for one of the staff onsite to direct you.

Anoka County Recycling App

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