Dunn House

Original House

Dunn House occupied the southeast corner of what is now known as Coon Rapids Boulevard and Egret Boulevard. The original house on this location was a halfway house, now known as a hotel, and stopover for the users of the Ox Cart Trail. The original halfway house burned down in the late 1890s and was rebuilt soon after.

New House

The new house had 7 bedrooms upstairs, 2 downstairs, a large living room, parlor, and kitchen with a very large dining area. A large porch surrounded 3 sides of the house. The house was built on part of the original 600 acres of the Dunn Farm. The farm was later enlarged to include what is now known as the Woodcrest area and up to the river, including the Northern States Power dam area. Many of the ox cart drivers and teamsters stayed overnight here because of the lodging and food. A large barn and blacksmith shop were located across the road from the halfway house to accommodate the animals used for travel at that time.