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A consultation with a licensed architect is required for all homeowners who apply for the Home for Generations II program. This consultation, in your home, will help to ensure that all aspects of your project have been considered and that your remodeling project will fit seamlessly with your existing home.

AIA Minnesota A Society of the American Institute of Architects

Information regarding each of the participating architects is listed below.  Feel free to call or email any of the architects to ask further questions about their work before making your selection. Once you have selected your architect, call them to schedule your 2-hour at-home consultation. You will be required to pay $25 directly to the architect at the time of the consultation. The Coon Rapids Home Improvement Foundation will cover the remaining cost


 CITYDESKSTUDIO believes good design involves a thoughtful response to the specific desires and requirements of each individual homeowner. Our design style is to reflect our client's values and goals with a unique response that is tailored for each specific home. Our goal is to deliver a design that not only meets but exceeds expectations and that makes the most out of the homeowner's construction dollars.

Contact Information

Ben Awes, AIA
550 Vandalia Street
Number 101
St. Paul, MN 55104

Phone: 612-802-1485
Email Ben Awes



FIRM GROUND architects & engineers

We do not categorize our work by style – we work with many structures, each with a unique style born of the age in which it was constructed. By using our "Visual Listening" tool we establish the style our client prefers, and tempering that within the constraints of the existing structure, design to meet the expectations of our client.

Contact Information

Tom Wasmoen, AIA
275 Market Street
Suite 368
Minneapolis, MN 55405

Phone: 612-819-1835
Email Tom Wasmoen



McMonigal Architects

At McMonigal Architects, our mission is to collaborate with homeowners to create architecture that enhances their lives. We do this by taking on our client’s vision as our own. Our process is based on listening, building trust, and thinking together to create thoughtful and unique designs. We do not specialize in a particular architectural style. Our designs are contextual, responding directly to a home’s site, history, current place in time and the personal style that each homeowner brings to their project.

Contact Information

Rosemary McMonigal, Principal
1227 Tyler Street NE
Suite 100
Minneapolis, MN 55413

Phone: 612-331-1244
Email Rosemary McMonigal

McMonigal Architects Website

Grey kitchen with U shape conter top
Dining area with steel appliances and red accents

Jeff Westendorf Landscape Architect

A Landscape Architect company.

Contact Information

Jeff Westendorf

Phone: 612-709-3943
Email Jeff Westendorf

Rock Solid Landscape and Irrigation
Rock Solid Landscape and Irrigation - Building