Multiple Pet Permit

A Multiple Pet Permit is required for any combination of 3 or more dogs, cats or a combination of both. 3 or more animals on the same premises can become a nuisance to the surrounding neighborhood if not properly controlled. (City code 6-205).

How to Apply for a Multiple Pet Permit

A few steps are required before being granted Multiple Pet Permit:
  • Fill out the Multiple Pet Permit Application Form (PDF)
  • Submit the form to the police department with your inspection fee (permit fee is $40)
  • Someone from the police department will conduct an inspection at your property (inspection fee is $100. After initial inspection and permit is granted, inspections are required every third year at a cost of $100 per inspection.)
  • Permits, if granted, are valid for 1 year and must be renewed annually
  • Your pets must also be licensed with the City; Pet License Form (PDF)
  • Please read the Dog Regulations Brochure below to understand dog regulations in Coon Rapids

Multiple Pet Permit Forms & Information