Renting Gazebo or Pergola

Are you planning an outdoor wedding and just need a beautiful place to exchange vows? Our Gazebo or Pergola outdoor space is the perfect solution! The Gazebo and Pergola is rented separately from the Banquet Facility, as long as there isn't another event taking place that day. You may decorate the Gazebo or Pergola to your individual taste, and either rent chairs from us or bring in your own chairs. 

You and your guests will have use of the patio and outdoor area, and access to the restrooms inside the Civic Center. Unfortunately there can be no alternate accommodations in the event of inclement weather. See page seven (7) of our RENTAL POLICY.

To plan for inclement weather, and to have your ceremony and reception all in one location, you may rent the gazebo or pergola space in addition to renting the Banquet Facility. Renting the two spaces together ensures you have a back-up location for your ceremony in case of inclement weather, as well as you can have the flexibility of hosting an outdoor ceremony location and an indoor reception location for your guests.

Wide shot gazebo and people
For smaller ceremonies, another option is our Pergola.
Pergola with wedding chairs