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Parks & Recreation

  1. Adopt-A-Park Program Interest Form

    If you are interested in helping out with Coon Rapids' parks, one of our 4 programs in the Adopt-A-Park program may be just for you!

  2. Business Sponsorship Pledge Form

    Fill out this form if you are interested in sponsoring one of several Coon Rapids events or recreational programming

  3. Picnic Shelter and Building Reservation Request

    Use this form to request picnic or building reservation. Not valid until appropriate fees have been received by the City of Coon... More…

  1. Athletic Field Reservation Request

    To submit an athletic field reservation request.

  2. Fall Softball 2020

    Continuing with fall season yes or no.

  3. Public Comments about Possible New Recreational Facility

    Provide your comments about the possibility of a new recreational facility located at the site of Boulevard Plaza, 11000 Crooked Lake... More…