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Public Comments about Possible New Recreational Facility

  1. Please provide your comments below. Please note: The Coon Rapids City Council has NOT approved a plan for a recreational facility to be located at the Boulevard Plaza site. This concept is in the schematic design phase, considered a progress step towards gathering more information about future possibilities. Additional opportunities for public comment will be available through open house events and other methods, if the City Council decides to move forward with building the facility. For now, the City Council welcomes preliminary comments about the concept plans through this online comment form. All comments will be reviewed by Council and taken under consideration at it relates to the overall goals of this possible expansion plan for the community. Thank you for your participation.

  2. Please check all of the items you feel are a need in the community, at this recreational site. (again, check all that apply)*

  3. How did you hear about the possible expansion plans at Boulevard Plaza?*

  4. Next Steps in this exploratory process:

    Schematic design with hma architects will take several months to complete in 2020. While those plans are being developed, City Staff and the City Council will continue to research various elements of this proposed plan. Thank you for taking the time to share your comments with the City Council today!

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